Everyone A Musician

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Welcome to Everyone A Musician where everyone can learn to play the guitar for free. The mission of this project is to provide high-quality comprehensive guitar lessons available to everyone, worldwide.

Everyone A Musician is produced by the members of Brothers Brimm. We believe that playing a musical instrument brings joy and light into a musician's life. We hope to spread more happiness on our planet by helping everyone to become a musician.


Foundational Guitar

 Never played guitar before? Need to go back to the basics and relearn what you may have forgotten? Foundational Guitar is for you. Course details.

Play Our Favorite Songs

Play along with members of Brothers Brimm with detailed "how-to" videos and learn how to play some of our favorite songs. Course details.

Music DNA: Theory

Are you ready to explore music theory? If you're already comfortable with the "what" of guitar (how to play) but you're ready to know the "why" of guitar (what exactly you're playing) dive into Music DNA and start exploring aspects of music theory specifically applicable to the guitar. Course details.