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Brothers Brimm Band

Brothers Brimm Is A Band

We play 'Progressive Jam Music' for fans of Umphrey's Mcgee, Phish, Moe, etc

Brothers Brimm started as a group of music teachers who jammed together after-hours in a rehearsal studio at their music academy. Their funky-jam sound developed naturally as members infused their various influences and experiences from their collective 7-decades of onstage experience.

"Brothers Brimm could be considered a [Utah] super band. The members are involved in scads of different musical projects that run the genre gamut.
— Standard Examiner

The band has spent the last 3 years laying down their funk improvisational live show for club goers and festival fanatics throughout Utah. And in 2019 Brimm is looking to spread their wings and make new friends across the Mountain West.

Band Members

  • Jordan Olsen — Guitar
  • Chris Aguilar — Guitar
  • Bishop Oster — Saxaphone
  • Ben Oloffson — Keys
  • John Chatelain — Bass
  • Nathan Chappell — Drums

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